Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wait for it.......

Golly....when I was expecting Mackenzie, they gave us October 26th as her due week earlier on the 21st she was born.  So knowing this I expected that Jonathan Michael would be around one week early as well. The doctors even predicted that he would be early just based on the first pregnancy. He's still hanging in there and I'm barely haging in there as well.

Patience is definitely NOT one of my fortes in life.  I have tried everything that I know of to help speed things up to no avail.  Nevertheless, we are still here and praying that his entrance to this world will be speedy- we are all anxious to hold him....NOW! ;)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Busy much?

So the whole spring break weekend we worked on the backyard and completed a floating deck close to the pool.....

Keep in mind that I'm 26 weeks pregnant I'm really, really proud of all our hard work!

Anyway, so there's that, then we went to WCU for a honorarium concert for Dr. Holquist...that was fun and I was bushed after that!

That's basically all that's happened lately.  Well, that and we fixed the front porch, sowed grass in bald spots (still waiting on all that to come in!)  Here's a pic:

Our rose bushes, juniper bushes, flower box and solar lights!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Drs Appointments....

Why?  Why have drs appointments anyway?  I can see if you're sick, going to the dr or whatever....but isn't it just a little bit ridiculous that you have to go to the dr when you're having a baby?  I're going to have it no matter what, right?  But now I have to pay $150 to pee in a cup every month and still have to pay more out of pocket for pictures inside my uterus....and then ultimately, it's really up to me to give birth.  Oh....don't forget having to pay for drugs once you're in the hospital! 

Sorry....just had to rant for a little bit.  Insurance is crap, hospitals are crap, doctors are crap....and appointment where they ask you to get there 15 minutes early, make you wait til you're ready to pee in your pants to pee in a stupid cup (and somehow stop the flow before it OVERFLOWS)....GRRR....

Ok....hormonal woman shutting up now!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I know all of my friends in the Western part of NC and my friends up in Boone would like to shoot me, but can I just say "I LOVE THIS FREAKIN SNOW!" 

I've been praying for years for snow and this is finally the year!!!!

The only draw-back:  sometimes the county I work for likes to hold out on the "no day" calls until the last minute.  We're told to be at school by 8 no matter what the call is, so I was at school by 7:30 this morning.  At 7:50 they called school as a "no day".  Our principal told us that since we were at school, we could sign in and use our time as trade time.  So I decided to work until it started to rain and cleared the roads up a little.  Well, that fell through once the snow decided to stick and I began to get nervous about going up the mountain that Wilkes never salts.  Sure enough, it was pretty nasty, but by the time I reached Alexander, it was turning more into rain.

I'm home now.....thinking about getting my jammies on.  Might make some hot chocolate too!!  Hmmmmm, I'm also feeling a movie day!! ;)

Thank you, God, for answering my silly snow prayers!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The cat is out of the bag....

Yep.  I'm about nine weeks pregnant.  YAY and AGH all at the same time. 

My five year old, Mackenzie, has prayed for 4 years now for a baby brother or baby sister....named Ashley or Logan.  She's prayed for all of her brothers and sisters, all named Ashley and Logan. 

So the day after Christmas my parents came up for a visit and I thought Mac was playing with her toys when I told mom and dad the news.  Mac instantly jumped up and down and said "You're going to have a baby?" and just kept jumping up and down with the widest smile I've ever seen on her. 

So that's how the news got out.  As soon as we saw Gammy and Pawpaw the very next day, she told them that she was going to be a big sister......SURPRISE!! lol

We couldn't hardly get into the church that Sunday and she was telling everyone she saw that we were going to have a baby. 

I am guessing that this bundle of joy (and still surprise) will be coming around Aug. 18 or so.  Just in time for school to start!  :S  Oh well.....that will just have to take care of itself, now, won't it!

So the questions start are you feeling.  Well, to be perfectly boobs are killing me, right now my stomach is hurting as I suffer from frequent night nausia.  NOT throwing up, but I almost (ALMOST) wish I would just so something could happen instead of feeling it on my stomach. 

The room:  it is decorated in a beautiful "Empress Teal" color....which I hope is suitable for either sex.  It will have to work cause that's what we've painted the room!! haha.  There is a fishy theme going on up there.  Composed of Nemos, octopuses, dolphins, and other assorted fish.  It looks really cool!

On top of the room, Jon put the crib together, I've shopped at consignment shops for maternity clothes, stenciled the room, repainted the baseboard moulding, doors and any framed area.  We even attacked the stairway....although we have the rungs to paint yet.  Mackenzie has even had her say in the room.  We bought foam fish for her to stick on the walls wherever she wanted.    She's having a blast with that too!

We covet your prayers.....we SO thought we were done.  We sold a lot of Mac's old the high chair, baby bottles, the travel system and many other assorted and cool toys that she loved as an infant. Already, God has blessed us with friends that still have various items....a bassinet, other maternity clothes, and other things as well.   Oh....Jon was on Craig's List looking at baby things and found a great Graco Pack-N-Play for $30!

I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that God will provide.  We are praying EXPECTANTLY and with ANTICIPATION to see the miracles that He will be working in our family's life!

Friday, January 1, 2010


It's really hard to believe that another year has come and gone.  Reflecting on this past year is quite hard as there were many personal struggles that I have gone through which have directly affected my husband as well.  I look at last year and know that I've grown as my own person, come to many understandings about myself and continue to work on who I am and thus working on my relationship with my husband.

This year WILL be better.  There will be challenges there too, but blessings will come from it!

I pray that you will have the same year.....through the challenges you will come out with blessings.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One Month???? REALLY????

So I can't believe it's been a whole month since I've posted last, but let me assure you that this past month has been a DOOZY!

The only reason I'm typing now is that I'm being held hostage at my school.....waiting on the chorus students to arrive so that we can do our annual Christmas concert.  I'm listening to the drone of the tv behind me.....the monotone white noise because I forgot to mute it.  Blug.  I hate white noise! more full week (actually, after the concert is over tonight, it will only be 2 1/2 more days!), left of school and crazy schedules.  I can't wait!  My students are ready to get out.  The teachers are ready to get out....I just say....let's get out early!  I still have to teach tomorrow, and Thursday, but Friday will be another concert opportunity for the students of our school.  We will perform the Christmas portion of our concert again on Friday, and sing along with the band on "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".  That will all be easy as chorus and band are traditionally known for "using up time" on the last days of school.  Once before Christmas and the other before Summer.  Yeah, us!  The only difference this year is that I've told the grade level leaders that since chorus and band are performing I think it would be a great idea for them to come up with a Christmas song to sing for the students as well!  Pretty smart, eh?

Well.....I guess that's enough for one time.  I'm actually really tired of typing!